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Bashful White Bunny

SKU: BWB-BB-B-B-WIAL | Type: Bunny | Style: Bashful

Bashful Monkey

SKU: BAS3MK | UPC: 670983143034 | Size: Medium

Bashful Giraffe

SKU: BAS3GN | UPC: 670983107593 | Size: Medium

Jollipop Puppy

SKU: JOL3PU | UPC: 670983136586 | Size: One Size

Wally Whale

Fresh from the ocean and full of smiles, it's wonderful Wally Whale! He's a beautiful buddy with vibrant teal fur and the softest, most tickly underbelly. This quirky whale holds his splendid tail high, and just a little to the side. He's got a sea-style of his own!

Sweater French Bulldog Purple

Bonjour! Sweater French Bulldog Purple is rocking the dog park in their lavender rollneck. This blue-grey pup has sweet stocky legs, a rumpled muzzle and a perky short tail, and if they want to run amok, the sweater comes off!
SKU: S3FDP | UPC: 670983146479

Bashful Owl

White owl with long eyebrows