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SKU: BAS3BG | Size: Medium | Type: Bunny | Style: Bashful


Fossilly T-Rex loves rambling about, making big prints with those chunky feet! With soft green fur instead of scales, a squishable snoot, and a long, squidgy tail, this smiley dino has teeny arms but gives Cretaceous cuddles!
SKU: FOS2TREX | Size: Medium

Amuseable Pine Cone

SKU: A3PCN | Size: One Size

Amuseable Pretzel

SKU: A2PRET | UPC: 670983122626 | Size: Large

Amuseable Hot Dog

SKU: A6HD | Size: One Size

Amuseable Cauliflower

SKU: A2CF | UPC: 670983122800 | Size: One Size

Birdling Blue Jay

SKU: BIR6BLJ | Size: One Size

Birdling Kingfisher

SKU: BIR6KF | Size: One Size

Birdling Woodpecker

SKU: BIR6WO | Size: One Size

Birdling Pigeon

SKU: BIR6PI | Size: One Size

Birdling Blue Tit

SKU: BIR6BT | Size: One Size

Birdling Puffin

SKU: BIR6P | Size: One Size

Birdling Seagull

SKU: BIR6SG | UPC: 670983144116 | Size: One Size

Birdling Hummingbird

SKU: BIR6HUM | Size: One Size

Birdling Goldfinch

SKU: BIR6G | Size: One Size

Birdling Swallow

SKU: BIR6S | Size: One Size

Birdling Mallard

SKU: BIR6M | Size: One Size

Amuseable Cloud

SKU: A2CL | UPC: 670983109511 | Size: Large

Amuseable Cassette

For funky fun, just press play!
SKU: A2MOON | UPC: 670983137538 | Size: Large

Riverside Rambler Mole

SKU: RIV3M | Size: One Size

Cluny Cockerel

SKU: CLU3C | Size: One Size

Fossilly Stegosaurus

SKU: FOS2STEG | Size: Medium


SKU: FOS2T | Size: Medium

Fossilly Brontosaurus

SKU: FOS2B | Size: Medium

Higgledy Piggledy Old Spot

SKU: HIG3PS | Size: Small


SKU: BAS3ZB | UPC: 670983130300 | Size: Medium

Amuseable Snowball

Will only melt your heart!
SKU: A6SB | Size: One-Size

Birdling Wren


Riverside Rambler Rabbit

I am riverside rambler
SKU: RIV3R | UPC: 670983121995

Birdling Robin

Birdling Robin


Medium bunny
SKU: Bas3cin

Birdling Cardinal

Absolutely charming in cherry red, this little birdy is sweet as can be. With bright black eyes and a black banded face, this cardinal is beautifully distinguished.

Birdling Dove

Peaceful and sweet, Birdling Dove is a super-soothing friend. Our divine little dove has fluffy cream fur, with a fuzzy fan tail and suedey grey beak. This dreamy, gentle, inquisitive pal likes to sit and watch the world go by.

Amuseable Storm Cloud

Keeping it cumulonimbus!
SKU: A2SCL | UPC: 670983152630

Amuseable Chilli Pepper

Hola amigos!

Vivacious Vegetable Onion

Always cooking up pranks!

Amuseable Moon

Midnight Moon
SKU: A1MOON | Size: Huge