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Bashful Fern Bunny

Shy and sweet, Bashful Fern Bunny likes to hide in the pretty green moss. This sagesoft silly has flopsy fern ears and perfect pipkin paws. A gentle friend who loves dozing, dreaming, and hippityhopping around the garden!
SKU: BAS3FERN | UPC: 670983126358 | Color: Fern Green | Size: Medium | Type: Bunny | Style: Bashful

Bashful Forest Bunny

Loveably leafy!
SKU: BAS3FB | UPC: 670983116083 | Size: Medium | Type: Bunny | Style: Bashful

Bashful Plum Bunny

SKU: BAS3PLUM | UPC: 670983122909 | Size: Medium

Bashful Tangerine Bunny

Best freshly squeezed!
SKU: BAS3BTA | UPC: 670983141221 | Color: Tangerine | Size: Medium | Type: Bunny | Style: Bashful

Bashful Golden Bunny

Hello honey bun!
SKU: BAS3GDB | UPC: 670983139693 | Color: Yellow | Size: Medium | Type: Bunny | Style: Bashful

Amuseable Acorn

SKU: A6ACN | UPC: 670983143348 | Size: One Size

Amuseable Bluebell

SKU: A2BB | Size: One Size

Amuseable Pain Au Chocolat

SKU: A6PACHOC | UPC: 670983126150 | Size: One Size

Vivacious Vegetable Sweetcorn

SKU: VV6SC | UPC: 670983122831 | Size: One Size

Amuseable Broccoli

SKU: A2BRO | Size: One Size

Amuseable Peanut

SKU: A6PE | UPC: 670983140095 | Size: One Size

Barnabus Pig

SKU: BARH1PG | UPC: 670983145502 | Size: Huge

Grizzo Gremlin

SKU: GRIZ3G | UPC: 670983136920 | Size: One Size

Pandora Pixie

SKU: PAN3P | Size: One Size

Cecile Chicken

SKU: CEC3C | Size: One Size

Wrapabat Black

SKU: BAT3BIL | UPC: 670983143485 | Size: One Size

Fossilly Pterodactyl

SKU: FOS2PTER | Size: Medium

Whitney Chicken

I am Whitney Chicken
SKU: WHIT2CH | UPC: 670983126907

Fungi Forager Squirrel

Ask a squirrel before munching mushrooms!
SKU: FNG2S | UPC: 670983131840

Amuseable Peach

Medium size Amuseable peach

Barn Owling

Small barn owling
SKU: Owl6b | UPC: 670983145069

Gibbles Monster

Berry Bumbles and Merry Mayhem!
SKU: GIB2M | UPC: 670983123692

Smart Stationery Pencil

Smart Stationery pencil is a pencil with a face and legs.

Amuseable Hyacinth

Amuseable Hyacinth is reaching high for the sky! From a cuddly linen pot, up shoots a great big clutch of scrunchy pink flowers. Cordy boots, softly folded leaves and a proud smile complete the look to make Hyacinth a dashing little perennial!

Snowy Owling

Could be mistaken for a snowball.

Brown Owling

A chocolate sweetheart.

Bodacious Beak Toucan

Looking gorgeous in the jungle.

Flower Forager Mouse

Off among the foxgloves and tansies!

Nessie Nessa

Loves taking pictures with tourists. No, really!
SKU: NES2NES | Size: One Size

Fungi Forager Bunny

Be woodland-wise - bunnies are fungi experts!